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In 2021: Clare Radigan, Artist member of Beaux Arts Central Florida (Art Organization):

''Nicolas Gheur was born in Belgium and raised in South Africa, England, and Canada. He spent his teen years in Florida, and since then has lived in many countries, eventually settling in New Smyrna Beach, Fl. 
Formally trained, his work shows the influence of Rembrandt, as does the work of Salvador Dali, whose techniques also guide Nicolas’s approach to his art.  
Nature has always been an influence in his art.  In between paintings, he is constantly engaged in close observation of the natural world, considering both the micro and the macrocosmic view, selectively composing in his mind until the right inspiration strikes.  Once the painting has begun, the obsession for perfection is relentless.  

These approaches are seen in Gheur’s painting,'' What She Said''.  His obsession with rendering light and texture, combined with a refined color sensibility, have the effect of both heaviness and weightlessness. I feel this painting communicates a subtle, yet powerful message about the nature of these cows, and what destiny awaits for these sweet, gentle souls.  
It is this ability to focus on the essence of things that is present in all of Gheur’s paintings. These are paintings that add oxygen to the room.'' 



Chris Belflower, art collector (Orlando, FL)


I’ve known many artists in my years and when you have found one that produces work that you never stop admiring, that you never stop gazing at, then you know you’ve found someone special. To be able to work with a client to create something that transcends a painting to become a part of your life is not to be taken for granted. From trompe l’oeil to old world faux finishes, sculpture or fine art oil painting, it’s indeed rare to find a true dynamic master of so many creative arts. His rich heritage, life experience and formal fine art training suit him well to satisfy any vision you have.


My favorite piece is called ‘Mad Cow’ and I have it hanging in my bedroom and treat it more like a window to another world than a mere painting. Through it, I can look out across the rolling fields, pastures and forests outside of Liege, Belgium and feel as if I can just walk into the countryside and escape into a world I have never know. The ‘Mad Cow’ as the tour guide on the journey of my personal Wonderland. Words are nearly inadequate to offer a description of my daily pleasure!




Bob and Eleni Longwell, art collectors (Orlando, FL), commissioned Nicolas to create original paintings:


''The Nautilus''

''Nicolas Gheur has taken “nature’s finest example of a logarithmic spiral”, blending  beautiful pearlized pastel colors, which have given the subject an almost three dimensional depth.

This elegant and serene painting of a Nautilus expresses peacefulness combined with the wisdom of the ocean.  Everyone who views the painting marvels at the beauty and tranquility it transmits''. 


“Queen of the Night” Flower

''Nicolas Gheur has captured the essence of an aptly named night-blooming flower, the Queen of the Night.  He has painted her center “Crown” and white velvety petals against a black magenta tinged background giving emphasis to her demands for attention and admiration, which viewers cannot deny''. 


 ''Shore Bird''

''The gentle, soft, fragile look of the lone white Heron against the vast expanse of sky, ocean, and beach,  captures a moment in time for us to observe and create our own thoughts.  It gives us perspective, awareness of nature, and suggests a balance in the world''.



Muriel Besson-Braem – artist (Art Majeur)

''Great artwork''

''i like , i like ...beautiful gallery''


Günter Havlena – artist (Art Majeur)

''Tolles Bildnis , sehr schöne Arbeit Liebe Grüße Günter''


Alain Brasseur- artist (Art Majeur)

''Beaucoup de poésie se dégage de votre travail, tant en peinture qu'en sculpture, félicitations pour ces multiples talents.''


Angel Estevez – artist (Art Majeur)

''Son art est vraiment beau et montre un grand talent dans la peinture. Félicitations Nicolas ''…

''Very beautiful art! I like how you used the colors to lighten the fruit. Congratulations Nicolas''...


Alexandre Podgorny – artist (Art Majeur)


''Mon tableau préféré parmi ceux que vous présentez... Surtout pour moi qui ai toujours aimé me traîner dans la terre et la poussière... Avec ces couleurs "sales" ce tableau devrait être triste. Mais ce n'est pas le cas. Au contraire il s'en dégage une sorte de sérénité... L'enfant semble sortir de la boue qui l'entoure et qu'il tient dans la main comme une sorte d'offrande... Autour de lui, discrète et facétieuse, la vie émerge... Le jaune or (un peu éteint) de la plage de sable...Et de part et d'autre de l'enfant, le bleu des petites flaques d'eau et les toutes timides touches de vert, de verdure... Bonne continuation.''


Angeline Barretta Herman – PhD (Linkedin) ''Fabulous work !!''





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