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Nicolas Gheur


Nicolas Gheur

         © Nicolas Gheur


Nicolas seeks to capture the world as it is, combining objects, animals spirits, landscapes, to recreate his own world. Through his paintings, animals teach us their humanity. His fascination for light and shadow games expresses itself through various subjects.


''Being an artist is not only what one creates but mostly how one sees the world around them.  I've always been drawn to light, color and texture and how the two make the world such a vibrant and spectacular place.  The subjects I choose to paint are often simple everyday animate or inanimate objects that we often take for granted and often over look their beauty.  There is a lot of chaos around us and I find solace in focusing on simplicity and what nature has to offer.


I use copper leaf in my paintings for the light it creates and how it can create a certain mood and atmosphere.  Sometimes I will use it as a background where the viewer can use their imagination to view the subject in various settings.  Or I will paint over the copper completely leaving hints of light coming through that brings the subject to life.  Occasionally I will use Venetian plaster on wood panel as the background,  like in my Nautilus paintings, where one can caress the surface and feel the smoothness of the shell.  


I'm constantly looking at our beautiful world and try to make a humble attempt to represent it the way I feel it should be valued.'' 

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